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New PhD Thesis Successfully Defended in Procedural Content Generation

The EphemeCH team has the pleasure to congratulate Dr. Raúl Lara for successfully completing his doctoral examination process, under the supervision of Antonio J. Fernández and Carlos Cotta. The Phd Viva was held last Friday, 11 December 2015, in the premises of the ETSI Informática of the University of Málaga, and the PhD Committe was composed by Prof. Pedro González (Chair) from the UCM, Dr. Antonio Nebro (Secretary) from the UMA, and Dr. Pedro Castillo from the UGR. After an 1-hour presentation by the doctoral candidate and a full round of questions from all members of the committee, these decided to award the maximum grade to Raúl’s doctoral dissertation.


The PhD Thesis (in Spanish) was entitled “Procedural Content Generation in Real-Time-Strategy Games” and dealt with the use of self-adaptive evolutionary algorithms (EAs) to generate contents for a RTS game, namely Planet Wars, the test bed of Google AI Challenge in 2010. The generation of contents (game maps in this case) was approached from different perspectives. On one hand, its playability features were optimized from the point of view of both the balance among players and the dynamism of the games, usinf single and multi-objective EAs for this purpose. On the other hand, the aesthetic features of the maps were considered as well, trying to characterize maps either from geometrical and morphological points of view and evolving them using two reference sets of aesthetic/non-aesthetic maps. As an interesting bonus, the PhD thesis also featured an analysis of the community of scientists working on AI and games, using bibliographical data and tools for complex network analysis.


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