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Workshop: Evolutionary algorithms for Big Data and massively complex problems

GECCO 2018 @Kyoto

The Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference

July 15th-19th 2018



The main objective of this workshop is to discuss the idea of massively complex environments in order to tackle both the complexity of the underlying computational substrate on which the bioinspired algorithms are executed, and the complexity of the problem/data environment, often dynamic and time-varying.

In this sense, several evolutionary computation methods can be used for generating and improving algorithms to make an effective use of computational resources by having algorithms that autonomously adapt to irregular computational environments. Moreover, in the age of Big Data, new methods and algorithms for properly managing heterogeneous computing resources and large collections of data are required.

Furthermore, the workshop will help researchers to identify developments and efforts in these areas and will promote cooperation and synergies between different research groups.

Authors are invited to submit their original and unpublished works on the application of bioinspired algorithms in real world and complex problems as those ones related to industry 4.0, smart cities, social networks, marketing, logistics, massively multiplayer online games, or genomics and proteomics, to mention some few.

Topics of interest include, but not limited to:

  1. Bioinspired algorithm for data mining in industrial domains
  2. Multi-objective evolutionary application in large complex domains (e.g. social network analysis, logistics, marketing, etc.)
  3. Other real world applications with an intensive application of bioinspired and big data methods
  4. Evolutionary models in dynamic and time-varying environments
  5. Big data driven evolutionary optimization
  6. Applications: data-mining, bioinformatics, intelligence in games
  7. Parallel implementations using GPU for complex data analysis
  8. Heterogeneous & volunteer computing
  9. Ephemeral computing (using computing devices of transitory nature to carry out complex computational tasks)
  10. Managing heterogeneous computing resources and large collections of data

Submission Guideline:

Please follow the submission guideline from the GECCO 2018 submission web site. Submissions to this workshop have to follow the same guidelines as regular GECCO papers. Please specify that your paper is for the workshop “Evolutionary algorithms for Big Data and massively complex problems”.

Important Dates:

Submission of Workshop papers: March 27, 2018

Conference dates: July 15th-19th 2018

Workshop organizers:

Antonio J. Fernández-Leiva (University of Málaga, Spain)

Juan J. Merelo-Guervós (University of Granada, Spain)

Pedro A. Castillo-Valdivieso (University of Granada, Spain)

David Camacho-Fernández (Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain)

Francisco Chávez de la O (University of Extremadura, Spain)





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