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Perl 6 and evolutionary algorithms in GECCO

Perl 6 is an excellent, modern language which exhibits a number of features that makes it interesting for evolutionary algorithms: being able to work with concurrent processes and functional programming. During GECCO 2018, Dr. Mario Garcia Valdez and me presented a couple of papers in two different workshops. Mapping evolutionary algorithms to a reactive, stateless … Sigue leyendo

Finding self-organized criticality in collaborative work via repository mining (IWANN’2017)

Originalmente publicado en GeNeura Team:
I would like to spot your attention to three points: Development teams eventually become complex systems, mainly in collaborative work environments. Relations and collaborations take place through the environment. Pattern mining and analysing social-based information is a complex problem. Thus, our main objective was studying new methodologies to analyse patterns…

Evolutionary (and other) algorithms in the cloud

Originalmente publicado en GeNeura Team:
The cloud is where you run your applications, but it’s also how you will design your algorithms from now on. Evolutionary algorithms are specially suited for this, and that is why I have given tutorials on how to adapt evolutionary algorithms to the cloud in PPSN and lately, when one…

Doing evolutionary algorithms in the cloud, a tutorial at GECCO 2016

One way of leveraging ephemeral computing is using any kind of cloud resources. However, although you can use the cloud simply as a displaced normal machine, to tap the true potential of the cloud implies changing the programming paradigm and also knowing the different levels of clouds existing out there. In this tutorial I gave … Sigue leyendo

Starcraft GP nominated to the HUMIES award

Originalmente publicado en GeNeura Team:
This year we participated in the HUMIES awards with our paper “Towards Automatic StarCraft Strategy Generation Using Genetic Programming“, accepted at CIG2015, wrote in collaboration with Politecnico di Torino and INRA. Our paper was elected from 28 candidates to be part of the 8 finalists, so we can consider it…

This was a triumph: Evolving intelligent bots for videogames. And for Science.

Originalmente publicado en GeNeura Team:
Today I gave the talk entitled “This was a triumph: Evolving intelligent bots for videogames. And for Science” to the students of the High School IES Montes Orientales. I talked about the concept of Evolutionary Algorithms, and then I presented some of our results of their application in games such as…

What EphemeCH is all about

During the Evolutionary Computation Theory and Applications conference we have presented our first position paper, outlining what the project is about and what kind of applications we envision for environments with asynchronous, heterogeneous and short-living nature. The paper is available under request or soon in the published proceedings; meanwhile check out the presentation I made … Sigue leyendo

Charla sobre Ciencia y Videojuegos en la Universidad de Cádiz

Originalmente publicado en GeNeura Team:
El viernes pasado, Pablo García (aka Dr. Fergu) y yo mismo (aka Dr. Mora) dimos con éxito la charla “La Ciencia y los Videojuegos” en la Escuela Superior de Ingeniería de la Universidad de Cádiz. Fuimos invitados por el Dr. Manuel Palomo Duarte y muy bien acogidos, tanto por él,…

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